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These softchews are packed with carefully chosen ingredients to promote a calm mood and relaxed mental state for your dog. And they're so tasty, dogs enjoy them as a treat!

Calmer moods

Less anxiety & stress

100% natural ingredients

Suitable for all breeds

Veterinarian formulated

Timed release for optimal performance

Safe for all dogs over the age of 12 weeks


Calms Their Mental State
Zen Dog softchews contain Passionflower as a natural ingredient to strengthen the effectiveness of your dog's GABA brain receptors. This aids with calming and relaxation. We've also included Thiamine which is an essential mineral that's known to help maintain a healthy brain and mental cognition in dogs.

Supports Healthy Hormones
Each softchew contains L-Tryptophan which helps to reduce stress. It's a natural amino acid that's essential for the production of the hormone serotonin which transmits signals between nerve cells and helps to regulate mood and sleep.

Improves Gut Health
It's hard for your dog to be calm if their stomach is upset. With all the things dogs manage to eat, it can be challenging for them to maintain a healthy gut. That's why we've also included Ginger in the formulation for Zen Dog softchews. It contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which support gut health and sensitive stomachs. Chamomile also helps by relieving tension in the digestive tract.


Hand-feed daily as a tasty treat or mix it in with your dog's usual food. Our softchews can be given at once or spread through the day, whichever you prefer!

Our softchews are designed to fit in with your preferred feeding method. You can give them whole, break them easily into smaller pieces, or crush and sprinkle over food or a feeding mat. The choice is yours!

As with any natural supplement, the benefits accumulate over time.

Each Zen Dog softchew contains these powerful active ingredients

L-Tryptophan is included to relieve stress & anxiety. This is a natural amino acid that is needed for the healthy production of serotonin. This hormone regulates your dog's mood and sleep. When your dog doesn't get enough, they are more likely to show signs of moodiness, agitation and aggression.

Passionflower was specifically chosen for its ability to strengthen the effectiveness of the GABA brain receptors. This helps to regulate mood and to encourage a calm mental state.

Thiamine is an essential vitamin for the health of your dog's internal organs and for maintaining healthy brain function. It can be hard for your dog to get enough because commercial dog food tends to be deficient in Thiamine content due to the processed nature of it. That's why we've included it here as a key part of our Zen Dog formulation.

Ginger has been chosen to target gut health. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to settle sensitive stomachs and promote good gut health. With a healthy stomach, your dog is much more likely to be calmer.

Each softchew also contains Chamomile because of its anti-stress properties. It soothes muscles and also relaxes tension in the digestive tract.

Improve Their Behaviour With You

Having a dog can be the greatest thing in the world. The way they make your smile each morning and those joyous moments that light up your day. But every owner knows that there are times where you feel frustrated. Often this is when you are outside, with others or in new places. The thing is, your dog is highly sensitive to your mood and will pick up if you are anxious. This can lead to a vicious cycle where both you and your dog cause each other to be nervous, so neither can relax. With the combination of the right diet and training, you can break the cycle and enjoy yourselves more both at home and during outings.

Zen Dogs Are Happy Dogs

Dogs don't have to be calm all the time. They need to run around, play (and get into the odd little bit of mischief). But if your dog can't be calm, then it will put stress on them and on you as their owner.

Calm dogs experience less separation anxiety and are less prone to destructive chewing.

They are more able to control their impulses while on walks, meaning less lunging at others and pulling on the lead.

And they are more able to handle new sounds and environments without unnecessary alarm.

Finally, training will become a lot more productive as your dog will be in a more receptive mood and mental state to listen to you rather than their reactive instincts.

With the right daily dietary support from Zen Dog combined with training, you should see results that will delight you.

Veterinarian Formulated

Designed by experts with carefully chosen ingredients.

Tastes Delicious

Our yummy chicken & bacon flavour means dogs love our softchews!

Free Delivery

Available to all UK addresses for all orders over £20.


Active Ingredients Per 2 Softchews: Chamomile 150 mg, Thiamine Mononitrate 100 mg, Passion Flower 100 mg, Ginger 100 mg, L-Tryptophan 30 mg.


Got questions? We've got answers.

No. There are no sedatives, medications or drugs in our softchews. Don't worry, you won't be 'drugging' your dog! Zen Dog softchews contain natural ingredients to encourage and support a calm mood and relaxed mental state. This means they are safe for daily, continued usage.

There are 60 softchews per tub.

This depends on the size of your dog. For small dogs, a tub will last two months.
For medium dogs, a tub will last for around one month.
Large dogs will need two tubs each month.

We have flexible pricing to make this easier, so the more you buy, the more you save.

No, our Zen Dog softchews are suitable for all dogs over the age of 12 weeks.

If this happens, it's best to take your dog to your vet just to be sure that their digestive system is ok.

Our softchews are suitable for any dog over the age of 12 weeks to have each day.

If your cat eats one when you're not looking, it should be fine. We do not recommend feeding these regularly to cats, however. If in doubt, please monitor your cat closely and take them to your vet for an examination.

As a food supplement, these are mostly completely safe for your dog to have alongside their other dietary intake. However, if you have any concerns about specific medications that your dog may be taking, please consult your vet to be sure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Anxious Beagle

These seem to help calm our rescue beagle when home alone. We watch her on "Beagle Cam" and she seems more settled.

janice kilyan
Amount question

My dog is between the size guide.... Should I give him one and a half? Or just go for 2?

Hi Janice, thanks for the question! You can start with one and a half to begin with and move to two chews later if necessary. But although you can easily divide the chews into whatever size you want, you may find it simpler to go with two to avoid having to break them up - which will also be fine. There are bounds of flexibility with the dosage so if your dog if on the border, then either quantity will be ok for them without any negative drawbacks. Hope this helps and all the best!

Anne Miller
Barking reduction

Freddie our rescue was very loud when front door opened and until visitors in and settled he was on guard..also barked at anything going on outside the property..calmer now and easier to settle down using NO as command and the tablets

Elaine Frances Bailey

I have a cavapoo who is very nervous and taps and crys at the slightest thing. Have had her on the Zen chews she has relaxed more so hoping she will keep improving


These are fab. I have a cocker that I bred myself. She's 9 yrs. She had always had anxiety issues when I live the house howling barking. Have done everything there is going. Believe me I have tried everything nothing has never worked until now. These treats have calmed her right down. Even to the point of not barking in the garden. Just the cc to now control as her barking has made him do the same. But he is only 12mths. So with the correct training and rewards sure he will be fine.
Thank you All the Sniffs for Zen dog treats.
Highly recommend..

Linda Peters
Very happy with Zen Dog chews

I bought these as I was already a customer of All The Sniffs. These have a nice flavour as well so my dog loves them! I like to give a couple to her as a treat in the early afternoon so that she's nice and calm and she is sometime agitated at that time, but she is less so now.

George Purves

the sniffs themselves are good but the service when you order is not. I paid extra for 1-3 day delivery. I ordered on the Thursday tracked order to find it had not been sent to the post office until Monday I got it Wednesday afternoon so why pay more. Not happy this time but have used them for over a year now they work on my bitch but it looks like the firm needs a week notice to despatch

Jay Dax
Zen dog chews and a very anxious dachshund

Since our little dachshund Evie has been having Zen dog chews in her food, she’s
become so much calmer, less anxious and less reactive. We’ve been using them for over a year now with great results. Thanks so much to All the Sniffs!!

Rhonda Ferry
It works!

NY fireworks started as soon as it got dark here. I took Bruce the GSD for a walk (he’s ok with them outside in the distance) after he’d been running round the house barking. When it calmed down for a bit I remembered the Zen Dog I bought ages ago for such an occasion and gave him four with some tuna. Well, midnight came and he’s lying on the bed peacefully despite the blitz going on outside 😃

Alison Wiseman
Peace and calm

These tablets have had a calming effect on my hectic little pug cross. I’m about to re-order.