Mental Enrichment That Makes Your Dog Calmer & Happier

Introducing the easiest way to give your dog the daily mental stimulation they need to be calmer & better behaved...without even leaving your house!

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The Problem

Many dog owners are worried that their dog isn't getting enough stimulation and is bored.

They feel guilty that they can't take them out on more walks or play with them as much as they'd both like.

With family, work and countless other things to juggle, you can easily feel overwhelmed each day trying to keep up.
And it's frustrating when your dog adds to your stress by misbehaving in the house or on walks.

Common Signs & Problems

1. Separation Anxiety & Destructive Chewing
When left alone, dogs who are not used to being calm struggle to deal with their owners being away. They show signs of anxiety which can also manifest as destructive behaviours as an attempt to cope. Owners often feel guilty for being away but have no choice but to leave their dogs alone at some point.

2. Lunging on walks and at visitors
Agitated dogs can't contain themselves when excited. Their enthusiasm is endearing, but things can take a nasty turn if they lunge at people and other dogs. This unpredictability can make you anxious when taking your dog out and fearful when new people, especially children, visit your home.

3. Alarmed by new environments & loud noises
When your dog isn't calm, it only takes a tiny amount of stress to trigger an unwanted reaction. To us, it's just a new sound or something harmless in a new environment. But to your dog who is always on high alert, it can send them into fits of barking or defensive aggression. Owners are left feeling stressed, never quite knowing when something will set their dog off. And also tired of apologising for their dog's behaviour to others who don't understand.

4. Training Problems
If your dog isn't calm then they'll be in reactive mode. This means they'll act on their instincts rather than listen to you, making training very challenging. Your dog will pull relentlessly on the lead on walks and ignore your commands.

The Solution

We set out to solve this and created Zen Dog Soft Chews.

Its carefully chosen ingredients such as Chamomile, Passionflower, L-Tryptophan and Thiamin all help to promote calm mood and a relaxed mental state for your dog.

We wanted to improve upon traditional tablets, so we've made this as a great-tasting softchew with a delicious chicken & bacon flavour. Your dog can enjoy it as a tasty treat or reward!

What's more, it's 100% natural and is free from any drugs or medication. This makes it safe as a continuous daily treat and a long-term solution.

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Safe for all dogs over 12 weeks old

Great Tasting

Some dogs hate taking tablets. Zen Dog is a tasty softchew treat making it a breeze for dogs to have.

Calming & Relaxing

Zen Dog softchews promote calmness (and sometimes enlightenment).

Natural Ingredients

Our ingredients are 100% natural. No sedatives, drugs or medications and no nasty side effects here.

Calmer Dogs, Happier Owners

Once your dog is used to being calmer when needed, you'll being able to enjoy an even better relationship with your furry best friend.

It means more freedom and fun to visit new places (without the stress) and make lasting happy memories together.

It means less guilt for you as you'll be able to leave them alone, confident that they'll be just fine.

And it means no more fear and frustration when you take your dog out for walks and interact with others.

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Hear from Real Customers

Here’s what people are saying after trying Happy Joints with their dogs.

It's been a gamechanger

I love my little dog Taco but he's really been struggling with behaving on walks and has started chewing things up when left alone which was exasperating. We think it's because we're spending so much time with him so he's always doing something and doesn't get enough downtime. We've made more effort by getting Zen Dog chews for his diet and also his training. It's been just 2 weeks but I can already start to see a difference! We'll be continuing.

Calmer and easy to feed

I have a large dog so it's incredibly important that I can trust him to behave and not to end up harming smaller dogs in the park or a person. I always used to get worried when I'd see him getting over-excited so I wanted something to help keep him calm. We buy a variety of treats so I thought why not get a treat that also helps too? It's been a great addition to the treat rota and he loves eating them so it's a win-win.

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