The Dog Treat That Improves Joint Support

Introducing the tasty treat that's packed with ingredients to care for your dog's joints, making them healthier and happier.

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The Problem

As your dog ages, you may notice their movement becoming more restricted. Things like playing, using stairs, jumping into your car and going for walks become difficult and even painful.

Medications can relieve pain, but they can leave your dog sapped of energy. And they do nothing to prevent joint problems in the first place.

As an owner, watching your dog's discomfort can be the hardest thing in the world.

Why Dogs Get Joint Problems

Joint issues are common as dogs age. Mobility worsens as joints become inflamed and as cartilage and ligaments experience wear and tear. It can also be caused by injuries or genetic issues.

Larger dogs tend to be more at risk because the extra weight puts more stress on their joints. Certain breeds are more susceptible from an earlier age.

Surgery can be very expensive, as well as traumatic for your dog. Unfortunately, medications and surgery are mostly focused on treating joint problems rather than preventing them.

The Solution

We set out to solve this and created Happy Joints Soft Chews.

Its carefully chosen ingredients such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Omega-3 all help to promote joint and cartilage health while reducing aches and discomfort.

As such, it's suitable for both helping dogs currently suffering from joint discomfort as well as preventing joint problems from developing in the first place.

What's more, it's non-drowsy so your dog won't suffer the side effects of pain medications.

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Safe for all dogs over 12 weeks old

Great Tasting

Some dogs hate taking medicine. Happy Joints is a tasty treat making it a breeze for dogs to take.

Alleviates Joint Aches

Happy Joints soft chews help to reduce pain and discomfort for dogs experiencing joint problems.

Prevents Problems

Our ingredients support the health of joints and cartilage and the strength of connective tissues. This reduces the chances of problems developing in the future.

Healthier, Happier Dogs

Dogs with stronger, healthier joints enjoy a higher quality of life with fewer aches, pains and mobility issues.

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Hear from Real Customers

Here’s what people are saying after trying Happy Joints with their dogs.

So glad I found this!

Jerry is getting on a bit and I could see him getting worse as time went on. Decided to give these a go and in only a couple of weeks I could start to see a difference. Kept going with it and soon after he was noticeably more energetic and moving around more. So glad I found this! And so is Jerry :)

Tasty Treats

I found these to be much better than medications as my dog Sally often refuses them, making it a stressful ordeal for both of us. Not with these Happy Joints chews! She gobbles them up no problem and even wants more so I give them to her like a reward which makes life so much nicer.

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